Alcons Audio Celebrates milestones at InfoComm 2012

June 11th 2012

Alcons Audio is celebrating a number of milestones at the 2012 InfoComm show in Las Vegas. The year 2012 marks the ten-year anniversary of the formation of Alcons Audio (from November). In
addition, the June 2012 InfoComm show in Las Vegas marks the 1-year anniversary of the formation of the Alcons Audio USA branch.

Tom Back, the founder/partner and managing director comments on the occasion. “It’s amazing how fast time goes by; When I look back it seems like only yesterday we were hosting our first start-up meetings
in a hotel lobby. Time really flies when you’re having fun!!

Besides our HQ in The Netherlands, we have direct factory offices in the UK, Germany, India and the USA, plus of course our fast-growing global distribution network. Our product portfolio is maturing very
nicely and we have some very exciting new products, both on speakers as well as amplification and processing in the pipeline. It’s a very exciting time for the company.”

Continuing on the theme of the company’s growth and expansion, David Rahn, North American sales manager had this to say about how things are shaping up after one year. “It’s really interesting and exciting
to be a part of this process. Alcons is, in my mind, a one of a kind company and this is one of those once in a lifetime chances to be a part of something new and evolutionary. A good product will sell
itself if you get it out there and show it to people. Hence our presence at the InfoComm show”.

On her booth, Alcons is showing a selected choice of point-source, line-source and line-array pro-ribbon sound solutions from the Sound Designer’s Toolbox. Among which the QR36 pro-ribbon line-source column featuring 18” pro-ribbon drivers and part of the unique Q-series column arrays, and the LR7 micro pro-ribbon line-array.

To celebrate the occasion Alcons Audio is hosting a special open house and listening party all three days of InfoComm at the SoloTech Las Vegas training and demo facility. The event is by invitation only and runs into the evenings on Wednesday and Thursday.

Details of the event are available at the Alcons Audio booth C10549..


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