Alcons Digital Cinema Experience hits Las Vegas!   
Dutch cinema sound system manufacturer making its debut at CinemaCon
April 4th 2012

For the first time ever Alcons Audio will be exhibiting its evolutionary pro-ribbon based loudspeaker systems at this years CinemaCon show in Las Vegas NV. 

Taking place between April 23-26th in Caesars Palace resort halls, the show formerly known as Show West,  is the official show of NATO, (national associate of theater owners) and is regarded as the largest and most important annual gathering of cinema owners and operators from around the world. 

Back-to-back with the Kino Congress in Baden-Baden Germany the week before CinemaCon, Alcons Audio will be exhibiting it’s Digital Cinema ready systems at both sides of the Atlantic.

 At this year’s CinemaCon, Alcons Audio will be officially introducing its evolutionary Cinemarray™ series: The cinema industry’s first dedicated cinema sound system, utilizing line-source technology throughout. Specifically aimed at medium to large applications, the systems offer maximum projection control for reduced influence of room acoustics and superb, non-compressed 1:1 digital sound reproduction.

 By implementing line-source technology, the normal reduction of SPL coverage from front to rear is reduced; The resulting “proximity” effect dramatically improves the cinema experience for the audience further away from the screen.

 Another novelty on show will be the CRS8 pro-ribbon surround: By utilizing identical componentry as the screen systems, the CRS8 offers the same voicing for the surround channels. This makes the screen and surround channels blend perfectly, for a homogenuous sound stage.

 A further selection of Alcons’ C-series will be on display, including the CR1 ultra-compact screen system, with 8-in system depth and the newly introduced CR3 medium-sized 3-way screen system.

 Alcons Audio has embraced the cinema market with its pro-ribbon loaded sound systems and is leading the way with a diverse range of innovative systems designed to meet the evolving requirements of the industry.

 With Cinemas around the world moving into the digital age theater, owners and filmmakers are demanding more from technology.  The need to design and deliver an even more immersive experience is key to keeping up with recent advancements in movie making 3D films are at the heart of this push.

Since the foundation of the Alcons Audio company, the cinema market has been a key focus and much of the research and development done is driven by it’s requirements.  High dynamic range, low distortion, shallow form factors and well defined coverage capabilities are all hallmarks of Alcons Audio systems.  Basic listening of the pro-ribbon systems quickly help people appreciate the significant benefits of pro ribbon technology.  Recent ambassadors include Lotte Cinemas South-Korea, Cinemaxx cinemas Germany, Eye Filminstitute The Netherlands, iHome theatres India  and Universal Pictures United Kingdom.


Alcons Audio can be found on booth nr. 2710 (Augustus Ballroom);


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