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The LR24 is a larger-format line-source sound system, to be used as vertical array in both portable as well as permanent installed applications.

It is designed to enable a 1:1 reproduction of the original sound source at any sound pressure level; Due to the completely neutral response of the system, it can be used for any application and source possible, from speech, to classical music, jazz, all the way to pop and rock performances.

The system is characterized by a fully predictable, linear responsive behavior from the lowest to the highest SPL’s, with a completely flat frequency response up to 20kHz., giving room for full artistic “sound scaping”, without having to work around or against the system.

To enable this in any given acoustical circumstance, the LR24 is part of a complete, application-configurable package; a synergetic toolbox of line-array modules, bass array module, different subwoofer principles, dedicated power and processing platform, power-, signal- and transport logistics and high-resolution ARC™ 3D-simulationsoftware.

LR24 system owners become member of The Ribbon Network, Alcons’ global rental network, for dry-hire cooperation between members, joined product development, information exchange and factory-direct support.

The complete LR24 system contains no less than 6 global patents and patent-applications.