Bar Campari, Vienna Austria

Bar Campari, Vienna Austria

Located close to The Graben, one of Vienna’s most famous streets, renowned architect Matteo Thun created the design and atmosphere of Bar Campari, Campari Austria’s flagship location. As a very special project, it needed a very special audio system. An Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system was the natural choice.

Bar Campari is owned by Peter Friese, of Vienna’s Zum Schwarzen Kameel (The Black Camel), one of the city’s highest profile restaurants, bar, delicatessen and wine businesses. As Austria’s 2018 Gastronome of the Year, Peter’s exceptional standards were a perfect match for the Campari brand.

“This audio system has allowed Bar Campari to enhance the high quality ambience we offer, helping us to positively influence the mood of our guests.” Peter Friese, owner Bar Campari

The owners contacted Wolfgang Sauter, founder of Vienna-based systems integrator Pro Performance, with a brief for an audio system that had to deliver superb sound, performance and reliability. It also had to blend in perfectly with Bar Campari’s exquisitely stylish décor, which is based on the lively aesthetics of Italian cafés and the graphics designed by futurist artist Fortunato Depero for Campari in the first half of the 20th century.

VR5 (RAL8017)

Both Alcons and Pro Performance are renowned in Austria for their ability to deliver high quality sound in a wide range of venues. Having worked together on a number of ‘statement’ projects, the number of available references meant the choice for the customer was straightforward.

As well as the exceptional sound quality demanded by the customer, containment was also important, as there are strict laws in Vienna regarding maximum sound levels, especially in the city centre. The Alcons VR5 pro-ribbon mini versatile monitor was the ideal choice for Bar Campari, the RBN202 pro-ribbon HF driver delivering outstanding intelligibility and dynamic output, while the patented ‘Real-90’ horizontal and patent-pending vertical dispersion ensured very accurate coverage.

Nine single 5” VR5 monitors were mounted on custom-made brackets, with an Alcons 4×2.5kW Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controller chosen to manage the system.

Another advantage of the Alcons solution was the company’s Architect Colour Option™ (ACO) programme, which allows customers to enjoy unsurpassed audio quality from a system which is as invisible as possible. Alcons loudspeakers can be painted in any of the huge spectrum of colours from the European RAL™ colour scheme. To make sure the VR5s and their brackets blended in with the Bar Campari colour scheme, Peter Friese personally specified a RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown finish.


“Planning, quotation, execution and the result convinced us that we found the right sound partner, says Peter. “This audio system has allowed Bar Campari to enhance the high quality ambience we offer, helping us to positively influence the mood of our guests. We would recommend Pro Performance and Alcons Audio for the perfect acoustic and visual solution.”



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