CR2 - compact screen system

  • RBN601 pro-ribbon HF driver, double 8” midrange and 15” woofer
  • Adjustable HF driver for precise projection
  • Ultra-shallow enclosure (25cm/10”) for space economic mounting
  • Signal Integrity Sensing™ pre-wired cable compensation
  • Dispersion H 90° x V 40° (line-source)
  • Bi-amp or single-amp operation for economical powering
  • Flown, stacked, wall-mount positioning
  • Also available in “Front-Vent” version for baffle-wall mounting

Product description

The CR2 is a compact 3-way sound system, designed to meet all requirement of all current and future (digital) cinema sound formats, for applications where medium output, high quality cinema sound reproduction is needed; It is recommended for cinema theatres with 100-300 seat theatres

Featuring the patented Alcons pro-ribbon driver technology, the CR2 offers a 1:1 reproduction of the original sound source; The absence of a “compression threshold”, caters for the same tonal balance at all SPL’s, while the combination of unprecedented low distortion with a very high 1:15 RMS-to-peak dynamic range delivers the most realistic cinematic experience possible.

The patented “Real-90” horizontal dispersion of the RBN601 pro-ribbon, mounted on a revolvable waveguide, widens the stereo experience “sweet-spot” for the off-axis seated audience significantly

The CR2 comprises in addition double 8” mid-bass for MF and a 15” woofer for LF reproduction. The ultra-shallow enclosure design of only 18cm/7-in. provides for very flexible mounting in even the smallest spaces behind the screen or as surround; Both for on-wall, or in-wall mounting, for which the CR2 is available with front-vented LF (FV).

The low system impedance and fully passive-filtering configuration allows for a very economical power package, where the CR2 is powered and controlled by one channel of an ALC amplified loudspeaker controller; For maximum output, the CR2 is also available in bi-amp configuration. Through the integrated drive-processing, the ALC offers response optimisation and dedicated protection.

Through the SIS™ (Signal Integrity Sensing) circuit, the cable-length and connector resistance between the CR2 and ALC is completely compensated (system damping factor >10.000), for further increased accuracy and controlled cone-travel, resulting in a tighter mid and bass response.

Dimensional drawing

Technical specifications

Frequency response 41 Hz - 20.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
32 Hz - (+/- 10 dB)
Sensitivity nominal

98 dB (200 Hz – 10 kHz)

Nominal impedance     4 ohms
LF 4 ohms, MF/HF 4 ohms (bi-amp)
Recommended drive Sentinel 3 min.
Nominal SPL peak

127 dB (single-amp), 130 dB (bi-amp) Sentinel3 (200 Hz – 10 kHz)

132 dB (single-amp), 135 dB (bi-amp) Sentinel10 (200 Hz – 10 kHz)

Dispersion H 90° x V 40° (line-source)




Physical specifications

System 3-way, full-range
Filtering passive or 2-way active
Driver LF 1x AW15.3-4 15”, vented
Driver MF 2x AMB8 8”
Driver HF 1x RBN601 6” pro-ribbon driver
Connectors 2x Speakon NL4 input/link
Physical dimensions  mm                 inches
Height   978                  38.5
Width 1036                  40.8
Depth   250                    9.8
Weight (approx.)  57,5 kg            126.5 lb
Warranty 6 years limited     

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