Sentinel10 - amplified loudspeaker controller

  • 10kW high-end Hi-Fi amplifier stages
  • 4-in/4-out matrix routing
  • 192kHz capable AES3 inputs
  • Large 480 x 272 pixel colour touch-screen
  • Presets for all Alcons system configurations
  • SIS™ dynamic cable compensation

Product description

The proprietary designed and developed Sentinel Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers are the “engine” behind every Alcons system and are designed to get the absolute maximum performance out of the pro-ribbon systems.

The ALC Sentinel features a powerful 4-channel DPS-based controller with Class-D amplifier stages. The 4 individually addressable inputs accept analogue or up to 192 kHz digital AES3 signals, that are up/down sampled to 96 kHz. by the custom high-end sample rate converters.

The future-upgradable powerful DSP engine enables minimal latency during processing of even the most complex (IIR, FIR) algorithms. Features include 6-band (shelf/pass/parametric) equalising per channel, delay, factory presets for all systems and system configurations, user-presets, event-logging and system feedback.

A Linux-based micro-computer “oversees” and controls all processes. The full-colour TFT touch screen and the multi-colour LED illuminated encoder in combination with tab-based menu structure offers intuitive control over the amplifier and processor sections, while reducing the number of “wearable” components.

The Signal Integrity Sensing™ circuit dynamically compensates the effects of long speaker cables; This results in a tight sub and bass response regardless of cable length or impedance (system damping factor of 10.000) and without the need for manually entering cable parameters. SIS™ also caters for further reduced distortion (optimized cross-over drive).

The 4 patent-pending ClassD amplifier stages are 93% efficient and offer one of the lowest THD in the industry. Together with the 2 (redundant) switch-mode power supplies, the Sentinel10 delivers a total of 10.000 W. The modular design makes for easy “in-the-field” servicing and future upgrades.

The Power Detection Circuit automatically select the correct operating AC current 115 V / 230 V and protects against overload above 400 V.

Individual Sentinels can be simply controlled through a VNC app. on any mobile device; More complex Sentinel clusters can be controlled via the ALControl™ Ethernet-based remote-control connection. Internal slots are available for optional Audio-over-network plug-in modules.

Dimensional drawing

Technical specifications

Nr of channels 4 input + 4 output
Input sensitivity 2.12 Vrms (+8.7 dBu) for full RMS power in 4 ohms
Max. input level +24 dBu
Gain 32 dB (40x)
THD+N, IMD < 0.005% @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz 1000 W into 4 ohms
Damping factor > 10.000 @ 1 kHz, 8 ohms
Output power 4x 1450 W @ 8 ohms
(burst RMS) 4x 2500 W @ 4 ohms
  4x 2450 W @ 2 ohms
AES3 supported formats 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz
User interface 4.3" TFT LCD (480 x 272 pixel) touch screen
  "Click & turn" rotary encoder, RGB-LED illuminated
Connectors rear 4x XLR (analog input) + 2x AES/EBU (digital input)
  4x NL4 (speakers out) + 2x AES/EBU (digital link)
  1x 32A powerCON® (power)
  1x RJ45 etherCON® (remote control)
front 1x USB (service in/out)

Physical specifications

Cooling 2x fan, rear-to-front flow, regulated speed
Mains supply voltage Universal AC input, up to 400 V protected
Weight 11,6 kg / 25.5 lb
Housing 19 inch rack mount, 2 RU, 408 mm / 17.6 in. deep behind mounting surface (without connectors)
Warranty 3 years limited

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