LR15B - ultra-compact line-array bass

  • High-performance line-array LFE system for medium applications
  • Stackable and flyable with LR15 line-array or in separate curved arrays
  • Maximum deployment flexibility also in cardioid - and end-fire arrays
  • Neodymium dual-coil 15” driver with lowest possible distortion
  • SIS™ pre-wired for very high system damping and further reduced distortion
  • Front-positioned NL4 connector for easy cardioid connection

Product description

The LR15B is the dedicated low-frequency extension to the LR15 pro-ribbon line-array. It can also be combined with any other Alcons pro-ribbon system, in both permanent and portable applications.

The front-loaded system delivers a super accurate bass and sub response with highest output under lowest distortion, due to the long-stroke 15” woofer. This new-generation transducer is fitted with a large, dual- 3.5” voice-coil Neodymium motor, enabling a significantly-extended excursion*, while maintaining a high sensitivity. Specific attention in this design has been paid to obtain lowest possible distortion. The Max-Vent™ port design combines further increased output with low power compression. *(not included in SPLpeak spec).

Optimal deployment flexibility is guaranteed: The LR15B can be used as single subwoofer or in multiples; As end-fire or cardioid array; Together with LR15 or in separate sub-only arrays. All functionality is possible in stacked or flown configurations. The integrated stand mount adapter provides for easy top/sub combinations with any Alcons pro-ribbon system.

Rated for a high WorkingLoadLimit with 1:10 safety ratio, the versatile rigging system, with front and rear splaying possibility, enables straight or pre-curved flown (cardioid) arrays, to be flown besides or behind an LR15 array.

Array configurations can be simulated through the LR15 GLL in the Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC), Alcons’ high-resolution 3D simulation program.

Mobile (cardioid) stacks of up to 3 units can be transported through the PRRGLR15B pre-rig, including stack-specific softcover.

For full system performance, the LR15B is to be driven and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller; Driven by the ALC, the LR15B delivers full operation flexibility, maximum sound quality and output power with long-term operation reliability.

The Signal Integrity Sensing™ pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the LR15B and ALC, significantly increasing response accuracy and reducing both linear and non-linear distortion to an absolute minimum, regardless of cable length and system impedance.

Dimensional drawing

Technical specifications

Frequency Response    
+/- 3 dB   42 Hz - 200 Hz
+/- 10 dB   34 Hz -
Sensitivity (nominal)   96 dB (40 Hz - 100 Hz)
Nominal Impedance   8 ohms
Recommended drive   Sentinel10. max 3 pcs. per channel (2.7 ohms)
Nominal SPL peak    124 dB (Sentinel3   40 Hz - 100Hz)
    130 dB (Sentinel10 40 Hz - 100Hz)
    135 dB (comperative)
Dispersion H x V (array)   Omni (hyper) cardioid in array with processing

Physical specifications

System   Subwoofer
Drivers LF   1 x AW15.352ND-8 15", vented
Connectors   3 x Speakon NL4 input/link
Physical dimensions   mm              inches
Height   452               17.8
Width   582               22.9
Depth   582               22.9
Weight (approx.)   31 kg            68.3 lb
Warranty   6 years limited

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