WR20 - high performance stage monitor

  • RBN702 pro-ribbon HF driver with exceptional intelligibility and headroom
  • 1:1 non-compressed linear sound reproduction, with up to 90% less distortion
  • Fully symmetric and coherent horizontal and vertical pattern control
  • Woofers with Active Coil™ technology for further reduced LMF distortion
  • Compact footprint with excellent performance-to-weight ratio

Product description

The WR20 is a 2-way loudspeaker to be used as high performance stage monitor sound system, bringing the unsurpassed dynamic and ultra-low distortion Alcons signature sound in a compact and unobtrusive package.

Loaded with the RBN702 7” pro-ribbon driver on a “Morpher” lens, the system offers a non-compressed, fully linear sound reproduction at any SPL, with up-to-90% less distortion.

Its fast impulse response, “compression-less” principle and flat frequency response enable a 3 to 6dB better gain-before-feedback than traditional systems, resulting in a perfect intelligibility in even the acoustically most-challenging applications.

The 1:15 RMS-to-peak dynamic range, due to the pro-ribbon’s extreme peak power handling of 1500W (200 ms / 10x the industry standard) means in practice a virtually unlimited headroom.

The multiple-patented (H 45 x V 60-degrees) dispersion of the RBN702 offers a very controlled and consistent projection up to the highest frequencies. Mounted in a symmetrical tight-pack configuration with the two woofers, the projection control is extended down to the lower frequencies, while providing for a relative small footprint.

The 10” Neodymium woofers feature Active Coil™ technology for ultra low-distortion LF reproduction; Their 3-in. voice-coils in passive-filtered tandem with the pro-ribbon’s 7-in. voice coil deliver a very dynamic, high output performance from a single amp channel.

For the lower octaves, the drivers are breathing through dual VelocityVent™ ports, for optimal flow and minimal port compression.

By means of the two foldable risers, the projection angle of the monitor can be tilted from the standard 35 degree to 55 degree for a more deeper throw on stage; The built-in stand mount, or optional bracket, enables deployment in varying positions while maintaining the optimal projection pattern.

Tamper-free connection is done through the NL4 input/link panel on the underside of the cabinet.

As integral part of the Alcons eco system, the WR20 is to be driven by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller; Through the integrated VHIR™ processing, 192kHz AES3 digital inputs and audiophile amplifier stages, the ALC makes the WR20 deliver a natural sound quality with maximum output and utmost operation reliability.


Dimensional drawing

Technical specifications

Frequency response 51 Hz - 20.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
44 Hz                      (+/- 10 dB)
Sensitivity nominal 105 dB (200 Hz - 10 kHz)
8 ohms 
Recommended drive Sentinel3 min.
Nominal SPL peak 131 dB (Sentinel3 200 Hz - 10 kHz)
137 dB (Sentinel10 200 Hz - 10 kHz)
Dispersion H x V 45° x 60° (@ 20 kHz)

Physical specifications

System 2-way, full-range
Filtering passive
Driver LF 2x AMB10NDAIC-4 10”, vented
Driver HF 1x x RBN702rs 7" pro-ribbon driver
Connectors 2x Speakon NL4 input/link
Physical dimensions  mm                 inches
Height 365                     14.4
Width 550                     21.7
Depth 463                     18.2
Weight (approx.) 26 kg                  57.3 lb
Warranty 6 years limited


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