Greenville festival, Greenville (SC) USA

Greenville festival, Greenville (SC) USA

Fall For Greenville Festival mainstage

Fall for Greenville is an annual festival of music, food and drinks which takes place in Greenville, South Carolina. After last year’s festival had to be staged ‘virtually’, artists, public, vendors and production teams alike were all happy to return to the city’s streets in early October for the event’s 40th anniversary. Alcons Audio pro-ribbon loudspeaker systems were used on five of the six stages.

Described as ‘a weekend full of flavor’, Greenville’s Main Street welcomed the sound of 78 live acts across the six stages, alongside many tempting tastes and taps, enjoyed by an estimated 150,000 people.

“This is the first time we had heard the Alcons LR24s and they were freaking amazing! They delivered great coverage over hundreds of feet with no problem.” Alan Simonton AVL Solutions

LR24 array flown in compression mode

AVL Solutions has been the festival’s main sound and lighting provider for over 20 years. With the company being The Ribbon Network member, owner Alan Simonton has previously used Alcons pro-ribbon systems at Fall for Greenville and was very pleased to present a tasty treat for audience ears on five stages. The Main Stage notably featured the double 12” LR24 mid-size line array, being used for the first time at the festival, with 16 LR24 plus six BC543 triple 18” very high-output cardioid subwoofers.

On the other stages, 18 LR18 double 8” compact line-array modules and six double 15” BF362 high-output subwoofers were deployed on the QuickTrip Stage.
The Berkshire Hathaway stage featured 12 more LR18s, with two single 18” LR18B compact line-array bass and four BQ211 single 21” compact high-output subwoofers.


18 LR7 6,5” micro line-array modules, two single 12” LR7B micro line-array bass and four more BQ211s were on the Furman University Jazz & Blues stage. Finally, the Aloft Stage system featured two single 12” VR12 mid-size versatile monitors and two more BF362s.

Despite some heavy rain which caused three stages to have a delayed start on the first day, the rest of the festival passed off without a hitch, with all stages seeing full audiences throughout the event.

Fall For Greenville festival QuikTrip stage

“This is the first time we had heard the Alcons LR24s and they were freaking amazing!” says Alan Simonton. “They delivered great coverage over hundreds of feet with no problem. Rigging was intuitive and super easy, thanks to the PRRGL24 pre-rig transport trolley in combination with the compression-mode flying option. The BC543 cardioid subwoofers provided plenty of low-end reinforcement.

With five stages all using Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems, the consistency between them was incredibly harmonious. We received lots of impressive comments from the artists, festival attendees and city employees.”

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