Alcons Audio, the Netherlands based audio solutions manufacturer, is inviting you to experience the evolution of sound, in your home town. Launching in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2011, the Alcons Audio Pro Ribbon Experience Road Show Demo Unit, Alcons1, will be on location to provide product demonstrations to qualified audio professionals throughout North America.

The Road Show Schedule outlines the pre-appointed demonstration locations and dates. Hover over a demo location on the map to see specific tour information such as, exact location information and demonstration timetables. This information will be updated in real time as new locations are added to the Road Show. You can also track the exact location of Alcons1 on the map as we cross the continent.

Tentative tour schedule
Las Vegas NV
October 6-8
Dallas TX
November 7-14
Phoenix AZ
December 1-5
Denver, CO
October 11-13
Austin, TX
November 18-25
Las Vegas, NV
December 8-12
New York, NY
October 17-24
  San Diego, CA
December 14-15
Nashville TN
October 28-31
  Hollywood/Los Angeles CA
December 16-21
If you are interested in attending one of these demos, please contact Pauline at Alcons Audio USA
by phone on 949-439-8203 or by E-mail at