Alcons Systems Prove Ideal For All In Trondheim

Alcons Systems Prove Ideal For All In Trondheim

August, 2023

Rock, Pop, DJ and Metal reinforced how and where as intended

Three days of high quality live music returned to the Norwegian city of Trondheim in June 2023, as the second annual Neon festival was followed by Trondheim Rocks. As in previous years, an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system kept thousands of fans and the local neighbourhood happy.

The event’s staging and technical production was by Trondheim Lyd. With artists ranging from Scandinavian pop royalty Sigrid and Dagny, DJ Alan Walker and singer/songwriters like James Bay, to Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and Europe, Trondheim Lyd needed a single sound reinforcement system which would deliver equally high quality sound for the electro, DJ and pop artists of the two-day Neon festival and the rock and metal acts at Trondheim Rocks.

As well as keeping the artists and 18,500 fans in the EC Dahls Arena happy each day, it was important that the sound could be precisely aligned and contained, to avoid too much disturbance for nearby residential buildings.

Trondheim Lyd has used Alcons pro-ribbon systems at both events before and system designer Erwan Thomas successfully used the LR28 larger-format line array system at last year’s Neon festival. This year he chose a similar setup but, with a bigger stage, the outfills were boosted by using LR24 mid-size line array modules.

The full system comprised main hangs of 16 LR28/80 per side with 30 BC543 very high-output cardioid subwoofers. The subs were stacked two-by-two in a tight, inline arc-delayed array, which delivered a powerful, punchy and even response.

“It absolutely blew me away the first time I heard it, with such a full, rich sound and such great punch. I am always happy when I see Alcons on the tech spec.”, Jan Thomas Halsvik, Front of House engineer.

Eight LR24/90 per side were deployed as outfills, infills were six LR18/90 compact line-array modules per side, with three RR12 point source array modules per side as fills between the main hangs and outfills. Four VR12/60 mid-size versatile monitors were used as frontfills, plus two VR12/90 and two BF181 compact subwoofers as nearfills. The system was powered and controlled by 42 Sentinel10 and one Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

As well as delivering the highest sound quality possible with very high SPL capabilities and throw, fully predictable linear response behaviour and perfect intelligibility, the Alcons L, R and V series modules can be very precisely aligned to deliver seamless-yet-contained sound through arenas of any width and depth. This is thanks to the all-natural cylindrical wavefront of the multiple-patented, purpose-designed pro-ribbon technology, precise pattern control and ability to deliver identical tonal balance at any SPL. The exact same technologies are used throughout the product series and acoustical concepts such as point-source, point-source array, line-source column and line-arrays, delivering the ideal “mix and match” solution in any application.

All models in the three-way L series feature an exceptionally high efficiency mid-frequency section, jointly mounted with the pro-ribbon driver in a coaxial configuration, while the low frequency sections comprise two reflex-loaded, next-gen custom woofers with reinforced cone and large voice-coil Neodymium motor structure.

Alongside the L series line array modules, the two-way R and V series feature bespoke pro-ribbon drivers coupled with 12” woofers, which complement the L series by seamlessly delivering powerful, high quality fill, with no discernible difference when moving between the arrays.

We received great feedback after both festivals from every production, sound engineers, audiences and the organisers alike,” says Trondheim Lyd sound and systems engineer Erwan Thomas. “Like we have seen before, everyone was again very happy with the performance and quality of the Alcons pro-ribbon solution.

Jan Thomas Halsvik, Sigrid’s Front of House engineer, adds “It’s been a pleasure to work with the new Alcons system in Trondheim, both at NEON and the Pstereo festival before that. It absolutely blew me away the first time I heard it, with such a full, rich sound and such great punch. I am always happy when I see Alcons on the tech spec”.

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