Hope Church, Las Vegas USA

Hope Church, Las Vegas USA

Attracting around 4000 worshippers each week, Hope Church in Las Vegas opened a new, 1750-seat auditorium worship center and sanctuary in December 2020. The technical infrastructure was designed and installed by church technology specialists Stark Raving Solutions (SRS), who installed an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system in the main auditorium.

At Hope Church, growth has been so significant, that in 2019, the church moved to add a fourth weekly service. With that additional service, average weekly congregation numbers grew by about six-hundred souls, according to creative producer Micah Ogle.

The church leadership is overwhelmingly happy and is looking forward to telling other churches about their positive experience with Alcons!”, SRS’s Church Resource Director Marcus Hammond

Kansas-based SRS has installed many Alcons LR series pro-ribbon line arrays in churches. They introduced the leadership of Hope Church to Alcons solutions at a demonstration event in Las Vegas a few years ago. When SRS suggested a system based on the double 8” LR18 compact mid-size line-array module and double 6.5” LR14/90 ultra-compact line-array module for the new worship center, the church readily agreed.

“The seating area is a large horseshoe/fan shape, nearly 230º wide, with heavily-raked seats. None is more than 90 feet (27.5m) from the central speaking position on stage,” says SRS’s Church Resource Director Marcus Hammond. “We have worked with both Hope Church and Alcons for a long time and the church was more than happy to accept our recommendation, knowing they could trust it would deliver exactly what they needed.”

The system comprises a center cluster of eight and two side clusters of six LR18, plus two six-unit arrays of LR14/90 for side fills, powered and controlled by four 10kW Sentinel10 and one 3kW Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

“It’s really all about the pro-ribbon HF driver and its incredible clarity. These systems are so dynamic and low distortion at even the highest outputs. It really makes a big difference in the experience, which is what our clients want. The pro-ribbon drivers nuanced clarity really impressed the client, it was a perfect match for the space.” says Marcus.

“Stark Raving Solutions has been one of our top dealers’ year in and year out” says Alcons Audio North American sales manager David Rahn, “They were an early adopter of Alcons systems and have been using us as their premium system option wherever the client wants the best possible audio system performance.”

Marcus concludes, “The church leadership is overwhelmingly happy and is looking forward to telling other churches about their positive experience with Alcons!”

For more information, please visit: www.hopechurchlv.com and www.starkravingsolutions.com
Download a project profile PDF:  HERE

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