“Wavy” Open Air Festival, Wedemark Germany

“Wavy” Open Air Festival, Wedemark Germany

The “Wavy Open Air” Techno Festival in Wedemark near Hannover Germany recently called in the services of The Ribbon Network, Alcons Audio’s global dry-hire rental support network. The rapidly growing electronic music festival has been taking place since 2019 and is inviting well-known DJs from the scene there.

This year’s Wavy Festival held on August 21st was a smaller edition of the Waves Open Air Festival, which had to be postponed in 2020 due to Covid19.

“Behind the stage, the cardioid subwoofers and the fine tuning of the audio technicians eliminated the unwanted emissions – a unique sound experience in front of the stage, as all festival visitors confirmed.” Kris Grube, Construct Event GbR

The open air festival was held in compliance with hygiene and protective measures, such as the 3G rule (vaccinated, cured or tested), a general mask requirement and a one-way street system allowing only 750 permitted visitors.

Toto Eikemeier (Eikemeier Eventsystem), also from Wedemark, was commissioned with the technical implementation. Since there has been a long and close cooperation between Eikemeier Eventsystem and Alcons Audio, the initial plan was forged in 2019 to organise the festival for 2020 with Alcons Audio offering visitors and artists the highest quality audio solutions.

The main PA system for this year’s event comprised eight Alcons single 12” RR12 point source array modules in combination with ten BC543 carbon cardioid 3×18” very high output subwoofers. Monitoring duties were completed by two single 12” VR12’s paired with two BF151 single 15”subwoofer. All loudspeakers were powered by seven 4x2500w Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers. Special feature was the double-stacked subwoofer array, in order to achieve a homogeneous, very powerful fundamental bass for the audience while maximally eliminating rearward low frequency emission.

Uwe Biesgen of The Ribbon Network partner Creativsound was on-hand for system tuning, measurements and array calculations. Uwe has been working with Alcons systems since 2004 and has excellent know-how to set up these systems.

Kris Grube (Construct Event GbR): “On this occasion, we became aware for the first time of the extent of the cooperation. The imposing sound systems not only blended optically into the decorated stage scenery, but also brought the expected sound quality and enormous pressure on the dance floor. Behind the stage, the cardioid subwoofers and the fine tuning of the audio technicians eliminated the unwanted emissions – a unique sound experience in front of the stage, as all festival visitors confirmed.”

The razor-sharp directivity control of the RR12’s mid-high in combination with the up-to-42dB rearward rejection of the BC543 cardioid subwoofers significantly minimized the noise-pollution for the surrounding areas. Increasingly a requirement for obtaining a permit for these kind of outdoor events.

Kris concludes: “The plans for 2022 cast their shadows ahead and we are happy to have Alcons return for next year’s event”

Carsten Albrecht (Alcons Audio GmbH): “We were very happy to support a local event like the Wavy Open Air Festival through The Ribbon Network. As early as 2019, we already noticed the potential in which the festival is growing; Not only based on the number of spectators, but also in relation to the top-class artists. Since this genre demands high SPL and precision, I immediately thought that Alcons was very much capable of fulfilling these needs, based on earlier EDM projects. In a conversation with Toto Eikemeier, the idea was born to set the course for a completely new sound experience. Now 2 years later it was great to hear the Alcons performance at the festival. It was a great collaboration with an incredibly committed team, bringing these performances to the next level. needless to say that we’re already looking forward to further collaboration in 2022 with The Ribbon Network”!

More information: www.theribbonnetwork.com www.waves-openair.de / www.eikemeier-eventsystem.de and www.construct-event.de

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