Award-Winning Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience at CEDIA

August, 2017


7th – 9th September sees Alcons Audio attending the CEDIA show with an enhanced and enlarged Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience, including the first public demonstration of a brand new product.

Taking place at the San Diego Convention Center, the CEDIA show is one of the premier showcases for the North American home technology industry. High Performance Audio Room 25C sees Alcons again working in cooperation with Barco Residential to present the Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience, but on a larger scale than last year.

Voted the Best Audio Demo by specialist AV news outlet rAVe Publications at CEDIA 2016, this year’s facility presents a fully-fledged immersive pro-ribbon surround system, complemented by a Barco Loki HDR 4k projector with a wide ScreenAcoustics UltraWeave V6 AT screen. Processing will take place through a Trinnov 32 channel Altitude, fully driven digitally into the amplification.

Barco Loki 4k HDR

“Last year we demonstrated the ‘ultimate’ sound that is possible with Alcons, showcasing an 11.1.8 ‘cost-no-issue’ system with 24 channels of processing, proving that our products can deliver very high SPL levels with undistorted studio monitor quality,” says Alcons co-founder Tom Back. “This year we bring a similar set-up, but with different components, for a further refined experience.”

ScreenAcoustics hybrid

The Pro Ribbon Immersive Experience showcases Alcons’ high-end, C-series home cinema systems and this year features the public debut of the CRMSC-SRHV, a brand new surround speaker in the CRMSC cinema reference monitor range.

Delivering exceptional clarity and power from a compact, visually unobtrusive unit, the CRMSC-SRHV can be used in both horizontal and vertical arrangement, thanks to its rotatable waveguide with 90 x 60 degree dispersion.

Trinnov Altitude 32 AES

“Last year we had a full room for every demonstration and it was clear that there is a real buzz about Alcons pro-ribbon technology in the residential market,” says Alcons US national sales manager David Rahn. “The response was overwhelming and we had many ‘best of show’ comments from visitors. This year we are looking forward to making an even bigger and better impression together with our partners Barco, Trinnov and ScreenAcoustics.”

Alcons Pro Ribbon Immersive Experience takes place in High-Performance Room 25C (upper level).

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