Alcons Audio powers Marbach Classics 2014

Alcons Audio powers Marbach Classics 2014

October, 2014

This year, the Marbach state stud farm from Baden-Wuerttemberg celebrates its 500-year existence. The Marbach Classics Open Air, taking place in July, was the brilliant climax in the anniversary calendar of the stud farm. The Ross ballet, consisting of 90 horses from various top European stud farms and 200 performers, fascinated around 7500 visitors in the Marbach Arena. The Württemberg Philharmonic of Reutlingen accompanied the spectacle with symphonic live music. Alcons Audio facilitated a perfect sound everywhere with the LR24 pro-ribbon line-array system.

dlp motive GmbH was entrusted with the sound for the event as technical supplier and put the Alcons LR24 pro-ribbon line array for their first time to the test. The LR24 is a larger line-array system that can both be permanently installed as well as be used in touring. It was developed for a 1:1 linear reproduction of the original sound source – regardless of sound pressure level.

The main PA of Marbach Classics consisted of 8 modules LR24 each and 4x BC543 as well as 2x BC332 cardioid bass per side. Here, the LR24 line-array with 2x 12″ woofer, 4x 6.5″ midrange and 1 x RBN1402rsr 14” pro-ribbon driver was deployed and was driven by Alcons Sentinel10 (4x 2.5kW) Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers. These system amplifiers, 10 in total, already contain all the presets for the LR24 and the subwoofers, process the signal via 96kHz AES / EBU inputs and are remotely-controlled over network.

Since the Alcons system shows a completely neutral response behavior, it can be used for every conceivable application; from pure speech transmission over classical music and jazz to pop and rock performances. Matthias Reusch (FOH Marbach Classics) on LR24: ” Thanks to the pro-ribbon tweeter, the sound of the high frequencies is very natural, just what in classical music enables a very harmonious sound. Also and especially at greater distances, the system ensures a full-bodied warm and crystal-clear sound. Overall, the LR24 system shows an extremely high feedback resistance. It has fully met and exceeded our expectations. ”

System engineer Rolf Dreyer adds: “With the LR24 we could produce a very homogeneous sound distribution throughout the seated layout area. Also in handling, when flying and curving the line-array could convince. The lower frame is also equipped with wheels, which facilitates the set-up and strike of the array.”

Also, the 60-piece orchestra of the Württemberg Philharmonic of Reutlingen was satisfied with the audio at the event: “The sound was excellent.” We, as Württemberg Philharmonic of Reutlingen, can fully connect with this quote from the Reutlinger General-Anzeiger newspaper of July 7, 2014 on the occasion of “Marbach Classics”.

A particular challenge at the Marbach Classics, was to omit sound from the mounted area, so as not to irritate the horses. However, since the dividing line between the seated audience area and the mounted performance area was very small, a very accurate projection had to be calculated in order to meet this requirement. “Since the LR24 system has an extremely precise vertical alignment with very small splay angles, the desired separation could easily be obtained”, said Rolf Dreyer.

The Marbach stud farm from Baden-Wuerttemberg is the oldest German state stud farm and attracts around 500.000 visitors annually with tours and events. The next Marbach Classics Open Air will take place in the indoor arena of the Marbach farm in Gomadingen on July 3 and 4 2015.

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