Pro-Ribbon Systems Enjoy More Japanese Rental Success

Pro-Ribbon Systems Enjoy More Japanese Rental Success

April, 2022

Project T-Spec

Since appointing Osaka-based distributor E’Spec Inc in 2020, Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems are seeing high levels of interest from Japanese rental companies. The latest to embrace Alcons excellence are T-Spec and SSP, who have both invested in the LR7 micro line array.

No colouring of the sound

Although T-Spec founder Toshikuni Hashimoto was previously aware of Alcons pro-ribbon systems, he first heard one at the Prolight+Sound trade show in Frankfurt in 2018, where the LR28 larger format line array was used at the Production Resource Group (PRG) lighting presentations. “I was taken aback by the scale of the PRG show and it made me think that these speakers must be of a very high specification,” he says.

Toshikuni HASHIMOTO President Sound Engineer T-Spec

Toshikuni Hashimoto President Sound Engineer T-Spec

In 2021 Toshikuni had the chance to listen to Alcons systems again at a session arranged by E’Spec and he was equally impressed. With the pro-ribbon drivers he noticed a sound quality that was completely natural, with no colouring of the sound throughout the high frequencies. Indeed, the sound was so clear that Toshikuni found the subtle distortion of tape simulator plugins to be perfectly reproduced, whereas it was undetectable when using conventional PA speakers

Well-balanced sound

He was also impressed by the crisp, tight low frequencies of the Alcons subwoofers which, together with the pro-ribbon drivers, produced a very well-balanced sound throughout the entire frequency spectrum. The throw of the LR7 6.5” micro pro-ribbon line-array system and its very precise directivity were also features he really liked.

Toshikuni invested in eight LR7/90 micro line-arrays, two LR7/120 micro line-arrays, four LR7B 12” micro line array bass units, two BF181mkII 18” compact subwoofers, four VR8 8” compact versatile pro-ribbon monitors, four VR12 12” mid-size versatile pro-ribbon monitors and two Sentinel 10.

“It’s not uncommon for sound reinforcement needs to change between the initial briefing and the event,” he says. “We want to satisfy the client’s needs, so I wanted to try using the same system of speakers for different-sized sites, but with different numbers of speakers.”

“Alcons pro-ribbon systems make PA work simpler and of higher quality than ever before,” Toshikuni Hashimoto, T-Spec.

Toshikuni’s approach is to start with VR8s, then VR12s, then LR7s, depending on the size of the venue. “Alcons pro-ribbon systems make PA work simpler, more streamlined and of higher quality than ever before,” he says.

Makoto Goto established SSP Inc. in 2006, providing recording and sound reinforcement services for performances of ethnic music from various countries, especially Japanese instruments and folk songs. He first saw Alcons LR7s in the offices of E’Spec and later helped out with a listening session.

Really easy to mix the sound

Like Toshikuni, he discovered that the sound was completely different to speakers with compression drivers, the linear response of the pro-ribbon drivers meaning that the sound input to the system is output in exactly the same quality.

“I was shocked to discover there was a speaker that reproduces sound like that,” Makoto Goto, SSP Inc.

“Alcons pro-ribbon drivers have such a flat, natural sound. I was shocked to discover there was a speaker that reproduces sound like that,” he laughs. “I was so surprised that I called our office from the listening session and asked all available staff to come!”

Makoto GOTO - SSP Inc. Japan

Makoto Goto, President Sound Engineer SSP Inc. Japan

Makoto invested in an Alcons system comprising 10 LR7/90 micro line-arrays and two LR7/120 units, four BF151mkII 15” compact subwoofers, a VR8 and VR8M monitor for monitoring and two Sentinel10 4x 2,5kW amplified loudspeaker controllers.

He chose the LR7 because of its compact size and versatility, its exceptional sound and the directivity of both the 90º and 120º units.

“120° means 120°, 90° means 90° and the sound is cut off immediately. The throw is also very good and the sound quality is great. It all means that, for technicians like us – who are usually recording engineers, not live sound specialists – it is really easy to mix the sound. As long as the microphone is set up properly, the sound that comes out is exactly as it is input. A system can also be set up by a single person,” he says. “So far, I have only positive impressions. I believe these speakers are irreplaceable. Once you use them, you will never go back!”

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