Poland’s Grupa Profit Chooses Versatile Alcons Systems

Poland’s Grupa Profit Chooses Versatile Alcons Systems

December, 2023

Grzegorz Fotek, Aplauz Audio (l), Slawomir Ingielewicz, Grupa Profit (r)

With a client base ranging from classical festivals to historic battle re-enactments, Gdańsk-based Grupa Profit needs to satisfy a wide range of sound reinforcement needs, all at very high quality. It has recently become the second largest owner and user of Alcons Audio systems in Poland, bringing the advantages of Alcons’ pro-ribbon systems to a wider range of events.

Founded 28 years ago as a full-service stage technology provider, Grupa Profit works with many clients which specialise in classical music events, such as the annual Mozartiana international Mozart festival, which is held in Gdańsk every August.

Working with classical and jazz artists meant the company needed a system that would deliver impeccably pure sound, accuracy throughout the frequency range (especially in the upper bands) and the consistency of coverage which all Alcons pro-ribbon products are renowned for.

“Purchasing the LR18 system puts us in a very strong position to be the first choice to service many classical concerts, as well as other live events.”, Sławomir Ingielewicz, CEO Grupa Profit

“But as well as systems and services for live music, we also specialise in zoned audio systems for events like battle re-enactments,” says Grupa Profit founder Sławomir Ingielewicz. “For example, we have been providing sound systems for the recreation of the Battle of Grunwald and other similar event for over 25 years. So our audio systems need to be very versatile.”

The Mozartiana International Festival Gdańsk

The company was able to give a ‘real world’ test to an Alcons pro-ribbon solution. when Alcons’ Polish distributor Aplauz Sp z o.o. provided an LR18 compact line array system for the 2022 Mozartiana festival, along with technical support. Comprising 18 LR18/90 modules (nine per side), 12 BQ211 compact high-output subwoofers and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers, the Alcons system impressed artists and audiences alike.

“The festival featured leading Polish classical artists, including pianist Leszek Możdżer, conductor Agnieszka Duczmal and the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra. We were pleasantly surprised by the very positive reactions to the sound,” says Sławomir. “The festival audiences are music lovers who are not necessarily aware that the sound is amplified, so their response highlighted the sound quality of the pro-ribbon system.”

LR18 pro-ribbon line-array

The LR18 is a three-way line array, which combines the best possible sound quality with very high SPL capabilities and throw. It features a super-fast impulse response, with up to 90% less distortion, enabling the LR18 to offer a fully intuitive linear response, with perfect intelligibility and uncompressed tonal balance at any SPL. The all-natural cylindrical wavefront of the bespoke RBN702rs seven inch, pro-ribbon transducer, along with acoustically and electronically symmetrical component configuration, deliver unique pattern control in both the vertical and horizontal planes, without any distortion-inducing horn constructions.

The system was such a success at the Mozartiana festival, Grupa Profit purchased it and put it straight to work at the 20th annual Gdańsk Sports Gala, where the city authorities present awards and distinctions to the best local athletes and coaches.

BQ211 subs in cardioid mode

Here the system was configured as 12 LR18/90 (six per side) with four BQ211s in cardioid configuration, plus QRP20 full range point source columns as outfills and a pair of VR8 compact versatile monitors. The system was used to amplify the official presentations and, afterwards, a range of artistic performances.

“The gala took place in a hall characterized by a wide stage, while the room itself is relatively wide and shallow, meaning there are not too many audience rows, but there are a lot of seats in each,” says Sławomir. “With the closest rows located almost next to the stage, it created quite a challenging area to cover. But the high gain before feedback threshold of the Alcons system and the accuracy with which you can distribute the sound meant that both the speech and music of the event were clearly heard throughout the audience.”

He continues, “Alcons pro-ribbon solutions are different because they are, one might say, a Rolls-Royce among sound systems. Purchasing the LR18 system puts us in a very strong position to be the first choice to service many classical concerts, as well as other live events.”

Grupa Profit technical manager Konrad Ingielewicz agrees, adding, “Alcons technology is certainly very innovative compared to other systems and we have not experienced anything similar or which produces live sound of such high quality. We believe that Alcons pro-ribbon solutions will be a market leader for many years.”

Recently, Grupa Profit further increased its Alcons inventory with the addition of four LR18/120. These allow the team to add two per side to systems where wider coverage of the first rows of audiences is needed.

More information on www.grupaprofit.pl and www.aplauzaudio.pl

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