Alcons introduces the LR18 pro-ribbon line-array

Alcons introduces the LR18 pro-ribbon line-array

March, 2016
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Alcons LR18

The Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt will see the official debut of the Alcons LR18 pro-ribbon line-array; The 3-way, “compact-mid-size” format line-source sound system, combining the highest sound quality possible with very high SPL capabilities and throw.

By implementing Alcons’ multiple-patented pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies, a super-fast impulse response with up-to-90% less distortion is achieved. This enables the LR18 to offer a fully intuitive linear response, with very high intelligibility and non-compressed identical tonal balance at any SPL.

The all-natural cylindrical wavefront of the purpose-designed RBN702rs 7” pro-ribbon transducer and the acoustically and electronically symmetrical component configuration bring a remarkable pattern control in both the vertical as well as the horizontal plane, without any distortion-inducing horn constructions.
The pro-ribbon’s power handling of 1500W and RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15, caters for a superb intelligibility and throw with maximum dynamic headroom reserve.

The MF-section features a high-efficiency  6.5” midrange transducer with Neodymium motor-structure  co-axially mounted behind the RBN702rsr pro-ribbon driver.

The LF section consist of 2 extended-excursion, reflex-loaded 8” woofers with oversized 3” voice-coil Neodymium motor-structure; Due to the extraordinary design, this 8” surpasses the output of even larger drivers in higher-category line-array systems, while maintaining the unobtrusive face print of a compact system.

The LR18 is driven by two channels of the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, optimising the system’s response by LR18-specific drive processing and feedback for each array configuration, including presets for phase-matched low-frequency extensions.

A form-factor matching LB18 is also available, consisting of two of the same 8” LF transducers; Adding LB18 modules enlarges the array length, extending the controlled (cylindrical) projection of the LR18 down to the lower frequencies, while increasing throw of the low-mid frequencies over distance.

The Signal Integrity Sensing™ pre-wiring ensures dynamic cable/connector compensation between the LR18 (/ LB18) and ALC, without any preset requirement; This offers a 1:1, undistorted natural sound reproduction, regardless of cable length and amplifier impedance load (system damping factor at the speaker terminals of 10.000).

The rigging system enables angle-setting on the cabinets without lifting the array, resulting in safer and faster set-up with minimal handling and a WLL of 24 cabinets under 10:1 safety (LB18 32 units).

Array configurations can be simulated in the new release of Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC3), Alcons’ high-resolution 3D simulation program.

Philip “Dr. Phil” de Haan, Alcons’ head of R&D: “with the development of the LR18, we followed the design footsteps and system approach of the LR28, Alcons’ large format line-array and the LR18’s larger brother. We paid specific attention to the projection of the LR18; In the vertical (coupling) plane, the side-lobe free projection creates a perfect wavefront for an unprecedented throw; In the horizontal plane, the category-leading 90-degree horizontal dispersion is completely maintained from 20kHz down to 360Hz for a seamless coverage.”

Tom Back, Alcons’ managing director : “This is one of the most important product releases for Alcons Audio to date: Not only for the market volume in both the install and rental market, but also to complete the LR28 large-format touring system package.” Tom continues: “When we started development of the LR18, we knew we had to pull out all stops to make this a benchmark system; Not only in the projection control, but also in the 1:1 sound reproduction in any type of application, from classical up to rock ‘n roll. The result is: What You Mix Is What You Get!”.

The LR18 is part of The Ribbon Network, comes with a 6-year “hassle-free” limited warranty and is available for ordering from today.

Off-site demonstrations will take place during the Prolight+Sound show on Wednesday (April 6) and Thursday (April 7) of the show.

More info about the LR18 or LB18

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