Alcons LR24 is the beef at Hamburg’s ELBJAZZ festival

Alcons LR24 is the beef at Hamburg’s ELBJAZZ festival

April, 2013

Alcons_ELBJAZZ_2013With more than 15.000 visitors over a total of 60 concerts, Hamburgs ELBJAZZ celebrated a great festival.

The annual program highlight for jazz lovers in the north of Germany convinced this year with excellent acoustics during top acts like Jamie Cullum a.o.

The general sound and light contractor ProfiMusik from Lüneburg decided on the basis of many years of positive experience with Alcons Audio, for a series of systems from the Dutch manufacturer. Special highlight: the live use of the new LR24 pro-ribbon line-array of Alcons.

The main stage of the festival served as launch platform for the Alcons LR24, spectacularly positioned inside the shipyard of Blohm+Voss. The mid-sized 3-way pro-ribbon line-array, consisting of 8x LR24 cabinets per side, was complemented by 4x VR8 ultra-compact pro-ribbon monitor as near fills and 12x BQ211 carbon 21” quarter-wave subwoofer in cardioid arrangement, as sub extension.

The system was powered and controlled by 4pcs. Alcons Sentinel10 (4ch. DSP) amplified loudspeaker controller per LR24 array. Further Sentinel10s were used for controlling the subwoofer systems.

Tobias Lange (managing partner ProfiMusik), technical production manager for ELBJAZZ and one of the first testers of the new Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers: “The Sentinel amplifiers are in terms of weight, power and sound experience ahead of time.” Jonas Hellberg (managing partner ProfiMusik) explains the decision for Alcons Audio: “All Alcons systems are characterized by an incredibly clear and lifelike resolution at mid and high frequencies. They offer an unparalleled homogeneity of the sound stage, both at low as well as high sound pressure levels.” Per concert, the LR24 convinced on the Main Stage of ELBJAZZ for 8,000 people.

Also Tina Heine, organizer of the festival, was very satisfied with the new Alcons Audio line-array: “The LR24 system allows a sonic experience that has undoubtedly contributed to the exclusivity of this festival. Our collaboration with ProfiMusik and Alcons Audio was visionary, as the partners thought, planned and implemented within the meaning of the festival. For this we are very grateful.”

In addition to the LR24 on the Main Stage, further Alcons systems were used in the Fischauktionshalle (Fish auction hall); Initially for Jazz Echo and subsequently for the Elbjazz festival, 16x Alcons LR7 micro pro-ribbon line-arrays and 18x LR14 ultra-compact line arrays were deployed, with another 4x Alcons VR8 as near-fills.

With these systems, the Fischauktionshalle was sonically reinforced to the highest standard, despite the acoustic difficulties resulting from the hall’s architecture: “The high precision of LR systems in terms of directionality and sound stage clearly enabled us to execute this task much easier,” says Jonas Hellberg.

The ELBJAZZ festival takes place since 2010 in several locations of the Port of Hamburg and HafenCity and obtained within a short time a fixed position on the German festival calendar. The international festival strives to build a bridge to other art forms and also offers music and film, dance and theater. ELBJAZZ inspires by concerts in unusual places, such as the shipyard of Blohm + Voss or the HafenCity.

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