Holiday Hindsight: Happy 2022 Christmas In Sweden

Holiday Hindsight: Happy 2022 Christmas In Sweden

December, 2023

Alcons LR24 Gives Weeping Willows Audiences A Happy Christmas On First Appearance In Sweden

December 2022, Swedish band Weeping Willows played an 11-date Christmas tour of their home country, together with guest artist Lisa Nilsson. A sound reinforcement system that would deliver very high quality, seamless sound to a mature audience was essential. An Alcons Audio system focused on the LR24 pro-ribbon, mid-size line array was the answer.

The tour mainly took place in sports arenas, with seated audiences of between 2000 and 4000, the band’s Christmas songs from 2021 album Songs of Winter complementing their mix of easy listening, smooth ballads and country-tinged indie rock.

“With relatively soft music and a seated audience, high SPL levels were not a requirement, but even coverage of all frequencies was essential,” says the band’s long-term front of house engineer, Anders Nyberg, who also works with other renowned Swedish artistes such as The Hellacopters and Stefan Sundström.

Having been impressed with the Alcons LR18 compact line array system on previous tours and having heard very good things about the LR24, Anders was happy to use the LR24 on its first Swedish tour.

“I have never used any other system like the LR24 which is as quick to deploy in full, while delivering amazing sonic results and even coverage.”,Anders Nyberg, FOH engineer

Electrosound AB is a long-established user of Alcons pro-ribbon systems and a member of The Ribbon Network, Alcons’ global dry hire inventory. Enabling full scalability to all Alcons system users, the Ribbon Network enabled 16 LR24 to be supplied for the tour’s main PA. They were used with eight LR18 for down fills, eight LR7 micro line array modules for front fills, eight BF362 mkII twin 18”, high output subwoofers and two QR36 modular line source array columns as outfills, all from Electrosound’s own inventory; Monitoring was taken care of by twelve Alcons VR12 versatile monitors.

Anders and Brollan

Featuring Alcons’ multiple-patented, pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies, the LR24 is a three-way system featuring a super-fast impulse response, with up to 90% less distortion. Remarkable intelligibility and maximum dynamic headroom reserve is achieved by the custom-designed RBN1202 12” pro-ribbon transducer, with power handling of 2500W and an RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15, from 1 kHz to 20 kHz.

The mid-frequency section features two high-efficiency 6.5” midrange transducers with Neodymium motor-structure, while super accurate bass with highest output and the lowest distortion possible is delivered by new generation 12” transducers, fitted with a large, dual-3.5” voice-coil Neodymium motors.

Available in long throw (LR24/90) and wide dispersion (LR24/120) versions, the LR24 is designed both as a standalone system and to dovetail perfectly with Alcons’ other LR series pro-ribbon systems to deliver high quality, seamless sound in venues of any size and configuration.

ALControl remote control

“As Weeping Willows FoH engineer, I have never used any other system like the LR24 which is as quick to deploy in full, while delivering amazing sonic results and even coverage,” says Anders. “Having the same ‘in your face’ experience, the same sound quality and level from just in front of the stage all the way to the back seats makes my job very easy. I know that what I hear at the FoH position is exactly what all the audience hears.

“I was very happy with the results and can’t wait to use the system again. The LR24 rig is already booked for the 2023 Christmas tour!”

“There were many good comments about the sound,” adds Brollan Soderstrom, Electrosound AB owner. “Several of the technical crew at Stockholm’s Annexet were very impressed at the quality and coverage of the system. They hear so many PAs in that room, it’s pleasing to know how much the Alcons LR series stood apart from others.”

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