Immersive Celebration @ InfoComm 2017

July, 2017

the Alcons / Astro team @ InfoComm : Chad Fuller (RPS), Pauline Ortiz Y Pino (AAUSA), Tom Hejnicki (RPS), David Rahn (AAUSA), Tom Back (AAHQ); Greg Carttar, Martin Reeves, Maurice Laarhoven (AAHQ), Bjorn van Munster (Astro Spatial Audio), Buford Jones, Rodger Reeder (Houghton-Lloyd)

Alcons Audio celebrated 6 years in North America during InfoComm 2017 with successful showings at her booth, demo room, and off site listening parties.

On the booth, a selection of all Alcons’ acoustical solutions were on display including the LR7 micro line-array and LR18 compact mid-size line-array modules, RR12 point-source array modules, QR24 line-source columns, VR8 versatile point-source monitors, BF151 compact subwoofers, BC332 cardioid subwoofers and Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

“It is a great honor to have industry icons like Buford Jones, Sandy Macdonald, Martin Reeves and Greg Carttar join us as Alcons ambassadors.” David Rahn, Alcons Audio North American Sales Manager

In the demo room, Alcons’ second time, guests were treated to a special presentation highlighting Alcons Pro-Ribbon technology by Tom in tandem with SARA 3D audio rendering technology by Astral Spatial Audio’s Bjorn van Munster. The “weapon of choice” for the immersive audio demos was a system set-up of three CRMS 3-way stacks on front (Left, Center, Right), with two CB211 21” subs. For the side surrounds, 4 pcs CRS8 reference surrounds were used; The rear surround positions were taken care of by two CRMSCompact systems (Left, Right), while the top channels were covered by 4 pcs CRMSC-SRIW.

During the presentation on the background of Alcons pro-ribbon technology, only a stereo-system was used, with 2x VR8 monitors on 2x BF151 singele15” subwoofers. For many attendees, it was hard to believe that only these two speakers delivered such a wide, room-filling stereo-imaging.

Bjorn during one of his presentations

In the evenings, Orlando Productions hosted a special blind-listening event at their facility, drawing over 100 people to hear Alcons LR18 side-by-side against her top three competitors.

A catered food truck, free beverages and four amazing sound systems brought together pillars of the pro-audio community where friendships were born.

David Rahn, Alcons Audio North American Sales Manager: “Every year the importance of the InfoComm show grows for us and with that so does our investment in this special expo, but what is really exciting to me is the growing team of professionals that choose to join us. It is a great honor to have industry icons like Buford Jones, Sandy Macdonald, Martin Reeves and Greg Carttar join us as Alcons ambassadors and as part of our team. Welcome to the family, gentlemen!”

With the booth already reserved, Alcons Audio USA will return to InfoComm in June 2018 in Las Vegas.


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