Alcons LR24/120 Extends What You Mix Is What You Get

Alcons LR24/120 Extends What You Mix Is What You Get

September, 2022

Alcons LR24 line-array sound systems

Over several years Alcons Audio has been building its L-series of pro-ribbon line array modules into a comprehensive range to bring hi-fi sound quality at concert sound pressure levels to any size of indoor or outdoor venue. The latest LR24/120 mid-size line array is an important extra tool for medium to larger applications.

Currently comprising 18 models, the industry-leading, multi-patented technology of Alcons’ L-series ranges from the LR7 micro line array module – for smaller, portable or permanent applications – up to the LR28 larger format line array module, designed for arenas, stadiums and major outdoor events. All based around the company’s evolutionary pro-ribbon transducer technology.

The LR24/120 is designed to complement the narrower dispersion, longer throw LR24/90 for delivering seamless, exceptional quality sound to medium to larger applications.

Pure sound without distortion

Alcons LR24 line-array

The three-way, bi-amped LR24/120 features the bespoke RBN1202rs 12-inch pro-ribbon transducer with acoustically and electronically symmetrical component configuration, delivering a natural cylindrical wavefront with unique pattern control in both the vertical and horizontal plane. Without any distortion-inducing horn construction, the transducer produces pure sound up to the highest frequencies, the coherence of the vertical dispersion delivering perfect inter-cabinet coupling for ultimate HF throw and wind stability. Thanks to the RBN1202’s power handling of 2500W, enabled by its 12” voice-coil, and an RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15 from 1 kHz to 20 kHz, remarkable intelligibility is complemented by maximum dynamic headroom reserve.

The pro-ribbon driver is complemented by a mid-frequency section comprising two high efficiency 6.5-inch midrange transducers with neodymium motor structure; The low frequency section features a new generation 12-inch transducers, fitted with a large, dual 3.5-inch voice coil neodymium motor. This enables a significantly extended excursion with high sensitivity for very accurate, high output bass, with an extremely low distortion.

With a benchmark-setting fast impulse response and industry’s lowest distortion, the LR24/120 delivers perfect intelligibility and non-compressed, identical tonal balance at any SPL. As with all Alcons L-series systems, this is assisted by Signal Integrity Sensing™ (SIS) pre-wiring. This circuit ensures dynamic cable/connector compensation between the LR24/120 and the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller which powers it, providing undistorted, natural sound reproduction regardless of cable length and amplifier impedance load. Dedicated system configuration presets feature the VHIR™ flat-phase processing.

Patented flying system

The patented flying system facilitates both compressed and non-compressed suspension, while enabling angle-setting on the cabinets without lifting the array. It has a WLL of 24 cabinets under 10:1 safety.

Suitable for medium-to large touring and production applications, the LR24 system is inventory of “The Ribbon Network”; Alcons Audio’s international network for dry-hire cooperation of Alcons systems; backing members with enough inventory to bring the Alcons experience to even the largest audiences.

Philip “Dr.Phil” de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D : “The LR24 system offers us inroads into the production market and extends our portfolio for the installed market as well. With different conversion frames to connect to other line-arrays, we have embedded the LR24 in the L-series eco system.”

Philip continues: “From the users we’re getting great feedback and the system’s size/weight-to-output ratio, in combination with the unique sound quality, seems to hit the sweet-spot for many. The new wide-dispersion LR24/120 was a logical request from our user group, to extend the Alcons signature sound to a wider audience.”

LR24/90 introduction in US for touring sound engineers


The LR24/90 was introduced at the NAMM show, followed by special, invitation-only demonstration/test drive events in Hollywood and Nashville to a number of highly regarded US touring sound engineers. Feedback from their encounter with Alcons pro-ribbon sound systems:

Robert Scovill (Rush, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers a.o.): “The performance of the system is spectacular.” Robert is currently on tour with Kenny Chesney and now working with a nearfield system of VR5 mini versatile monitors and BF121 compact subwoofers, to help him dial in the mix in rehearsals and on the road.

Erik Rogers (Godsmack, Hunter Hayes, Avenged Sevenfold) is similarly positive, saying “I was so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with the LR24 system. I found the detail coming from it was stunning and the horizontal/vertical coverage was absolutely seamless. Alcons is definitely on my rider and I look forward to an opportunity to carry a system on tour.” Erik used the LR24 system at the recent CMA Fest in Nashville.

Brad Madix (Rush, Florence & the Machine a.o.) also visited the LR24 demo in Hollywood. “The LR24 really special. The thing that jumps out at you is really how much less work you have to do to get a really clear natural sound.”

“Alcons Pro-Ribbon systems are a ‘game-changer’ and are my audio quality benchmark for live sound,” Gary Stokes (kd lang, Queen/Adam Lambert a.o.)

Gary Stokes (kd lang, Queen/Adam Lambert a.o.) was already a huge fan of Alcons pro ribbon high frequency drivers: “I have experience with other Alcons speakers; Their entire systems are a ‘game-changer’ and are my audio quality benchmark for live sound.”

Also Greg Price who worked for Black Sabbath, Ozzie Osbourne, and recently Metallica was impressed: “Mixing on the system is very pleasing. Why do I say that?; the lack of distortion in the PA system is absolutely stunning.”

Sean Quackenbush (Brandi Carlile a.o.) “A number of engineers I know and respect have also told me really good things about the system, so I wanted to get a closer look. I was convinced that this is the system I want to be mixing my artists through.”

Gord Reddy (Alison Krauss a.o.) agrees with that: “Alcons has definitely moved the bar a great deal with what they have done in every octave, but most notably the pro ribbon is a game changer! “With the LR24/120 adding an important extra option to the Alcons L-series, sound engineers can be absolutely confident that What You Mix Is What You Get, regardless of the source material and whatever the size of venue.

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