What You Mix Is What You Get!


Evolutionary Sound System

■ Ultra-robust multiple-patented pro-ribbon transducer technology
■ Intuitive 1:1 linear response with unparalled definition and dynamics
Very precise horizontal and vertical projection control
Fully integrated solution with processing & amplification, rigging & transportation
Factory-direct application and dry-hire support
Future-proof for excellent return on investment

The LR24 is a mid-size line-array sound system, designed to enable a 1:1 non-compressed reproduction of the original sound source at any sound pressure level; Due to the completely neutral response of the system, it can be used for any application and source possible, from speech, to classical music, jazz, all the way to pop and hard-rock performances.

The system is characterized by a fully predictable, linear response from the lowest to the highest SPL’s, with a completely flat frequency response up to 20kHz., giving room for full artistic “sound sculpting”, without having to work around or against the system.

What You Mix Is What You Get!

The complete LR24 system contains no less than 6 global patents and patent-applications.

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The power behind the glory

Conveying emotions through the pro-ribbon transducer

12" tall RBN1202rs pro-ribbon driver

The heart of the LR24 system is the purpose-designed RBN1202rs 12” pro-ribbon transducer. This technology combines an ultra-low distortion with a very high dynamic range.

The all-natural cylindrical wavefront and the patented horizontal projection bring a unique pattern control in both the vertical as well as the horizontal plane, up to the highest frequencies without any complex distortion-inducing horn constructions.

The consistent horizontal dispersion extends the imaging sweet-spot to a larger audience; The ultra-coherent vertical dispersion enables a perfect inter-cabinet coupling for ultimate HF throw and wind stability.

The ear-catching intelligibility and remarkable dynamic headroom reserve is due to the RBN1202rs’s 12" voice-coil with enormous power handling of 2500W and RMS-to-peak power handling ratio of 1:15, from 1 kHz to 20 kHz.

Literally the center-piece of the LR24; the RBN1202rs.

The R&D team of Alcons Audio, led by Philip “Dr. Phil” de Haan, has a 30+ year background in the research and development of pro-ribbon transducer technology; This has resulted in numerous patents and pending-patents, through which Alcons Audio can be seen as leader in this technology.

Razor-sharp directivity control

The constant horizontal directivity of the electronically and acoustically symmetric 3-way system, with a perfect off-axis frequency response. This not only guarantees audiences to get the same experience, regardless of position, but also offers a consistent reflected diffuse-field, resulting in a very coherent room sound response, both direct and reflected.

The vertical directivity shows a fully coherent wavefront up to the highest frequencies: This unique “perfect needle pin” cylindrical behavior prevents spilling energy above (ceiling) and below (on-stage) the array.
The resulting lack of destructive inter-cabinet interference also results in an unsurpassed throw efficiency and remarkable wind stability.

Unique ultra-low distortion 1:1 sound reproduction

The Alcons proprietary mid and high frequency technology in the LR24 offers a 1:1 non-compressed sound reproduction, with up to 90% less distortion than any conventional mid/high transducer (@ same SPL), because of the lack of a compression chamber and the light weight diaphragm (with large integrated voice-coil).

The RBN pro-ribbon mid-high frequency drivers reproduce the original sound without adding any coloration or distortion. Input = output, just louder!


Industry reference


Alcons pro-ribbon

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LR24 'under the hood'


Patented 12" pro-ribbon Neo HF driver with 12" voice-coil and 2500W peak power handling.


Double 6.5" high efficiency Neo MF drivers, coaxially mounted behind the pro-ribbon HF.


Double 12" Neo LF drivers with dual voice-coils, extended excursion and ultra-low distortion.


Acoustically and electronically symmetrical component configuration.


Bi-amped for simpler infrastructure and economical powering while guaranteeing maximum output.


SIS™ pre-wiring ensures dynamic cable compensation between LR24 and amplifier/ controller.


Patent-pending flying system facilitates both compressed and non compressed suspension.


Easy-to-operate transportation and rigging system, WLL of 24 cabinets under 10:1 safety.

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LR24 system and peripherals

An integrated system approach, not just assembled parts

The LR24 is part of a complete, application­configurable package; a synergetic toolbox of line­array modules, different stacked or flown subwoofer principles, dedicated power and processing platform with ALControl™ remote-control, power-, signal- and transport logistics and high-resolution ARC™ 3D-simulation software.

Line array module

LR24 is a 3-way, bi-amped mid-sized line-array module. lt contains the RBN1202rsr pro-ribbon transducer for mid and high frequencies, double 6.5" for the mids and dual 12" for the low/mid frequencies. The system is available with 90-degree or 120-degree horizontal dispersion.

Flyable Subwoofer

The LR28B flyable subwoofer features two new generation, ultra-low distortion 18” woofers. It can be used as single subwoofer or in multiples; In end-fire or cardioid array configurations; All (!) functionality is possible in stacked or flown configurations bringing ultimate deployment versatility.

Transport options

The LR24 is transported with 4 units on the PRRGL24 pre-rig dolly frame, facilitating curved or straight stacks. The dolly frame also enables a ground-stack configuration; With the optional detachable legs the tilt-angle can be adjusted.

Conversion bracket LR18/LR24

The CNVB1824 conversion bracket is a transition frame to suspend a small LR18 array of max. 6 pcs. under a LR24 for down fill applications. This bracket extends the flexibility of the LR24 system even further and also makes the inventory expansion from LR18 to LR24 much easier.

Amplified loudspeaker controller

The Sentinel is the “engine” for the LR24 system; A 4-in/4-out dedicated DSP drive processor, with 192kHz capable AES3 inputs, touch screen and multi-color encoder control and 4 audiophile amplifier stages totaling more than 10kW of output power. Signal Integrity Sensing™ dynamic cable-length compensation, auto-redundant power supplies, modular amp/SMPS design.

Touring rack

The AST3 (Armored Sentinel Transporter) flyable touring rack contains everything required to drive the LR24 system to its fullest capacities. It contains three Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers, together with the 1HE input/network signal distribution panel (XLR, EtherCon), the 2HE output signal distribution panel (CaCom, NL8) and a three-phase power distro unit.

Remote control software

ALControl™ is Alcons’ proprietary ALC software program, to control and monitor individual or multiples of Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers, that can be accessed from anywhere within a network. Features include off-line, pre-production configuration, auto-detect, extensive monitoring and control options and auto-update.

Simulation software


ARC™ (Alcons Ribbon Calculator) is the GLL-based simulation software for the Alcons array systems. Based on actual system measurement output data, the high measurement resolution (up to 1-degree accuracy) offers horizontal + vertical modelling, turning the LR24 into a true precision tool.

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LR24 Specifications

Dimensional drawing

Technical specifications

Frequency response: 58 Hz - 20.000 Hz ( +/- 3dB)
46 Hz - (+/-10dB)
Sensitivity nominal: 109 dB (90°) / 108 dB (120°)
(200 Hz-10 kHz)
Nominal impedance: LF 8 ohms, MF 8 ohms
Recommended drive: Sentinel10, max. 2 pcs.
per channel (4 ohms)
Nominal SPL peak: 142 dB (90°) / 141 dB (120°)
(Sentinel10 200 Hz - 10 kHz)
Dispersion H x V (array) 90° / 120° x depending on
array length
Dispersion H x V (single) 90° / 120° x 8° (@ 10 kHz)


Physical specifications

System: 3-way, full-range
Filtering: 2-way active, 2-way passive
Drivers LF: 2x AW12.352ND-16 12", vented
Drivers MF: 2x AM65ND-16 6.5", sealed
Drivers HF: 1x RBN1202rs 12" pro-ribbon driver
Connectors: 2x Speakon NL8 input/link
Physical dimensions:      mm              inches
Height:      354                13,9
Width:      950                37,4
Depth:      447                17,6
Weight:        45 kg            99,2 lb
Warranty: 6 years limited

Due to Alcons Audio continuous R&D, all specifications are
subject to change, without prior notice.

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