Maximizing Intelligibility For Naturally 7

Maximizing Intelligibility For Naturally 7

May, 2022
Naturally 7 in Hannover with Alcons

Naturally 7 – Photo credit: “PM Group Sebastian Fonas-Anders“

The American music group Naturally 7 from New York is touring in Europe to celebrate their 20th anniversary. In this train of performances, they visited NDR Landesfunkhaus in Hannover, Germany, where PM Blue was responsible for the gig with Alcons.

The Germans were treated to great a cappella show. The seven-member group is popular, partly because they perform hits by well-known artists such as Phil Collins, Michael Bublé. They also collaborated with Coldplay.

The band without a band has no need for instruments, they produce the sounds of guitars, trumpets, clarinets or even drums themselves with their perfectly trained voices. The Alcons installation guaranteed the experience of excellent music for the crowd.

Maximum performance

‘We take our business very serious. We work at a very high quality level and that is why we always prefer to use our own Alcons systems instead of the installed system at the location,’ says Joachim Stankowski, team leader PM Blue.

Alcons LR7 stacked

5 x LR7 stacked

The Alcons products used in the gig were: 4 LR14B double-tuned band-pass bass system, 16 LR7/120 passive 2-way “micro-sized” line-array sound system, 2 VR8 2-way ultra-compact multi-purpose loudspeaker and 3 Sentinel10 Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers, the “engine” behind all Alcons systems and designed to get the absolute maximum performance out of the pro-ribbon systems.

Lennart Wenzel, senior project leader at PM Blue, did the sound design a long time before Corona began. As PM Blue had the chance to do more concerts at the broadcast hall of the NDR in Hannover some years ago, Lennart and his team had to find a way to set up a stacked pa reaching every seat of the hall and not being in the sightlines of the audience.’

Why stacked?

“There are hanging points, but they are used by the house pa, which is not usable for public concerts, not organized by the NDR,” Lennart says. “So, we decided to use the LR14B with their pole mount to stack 5 LR7/120 on it. Filling the gaps in the front rows with LR7 as front fills on the stage lip and spotting the outer seats with a VR8.”

With this decent setup he found the right balance between not having a big pa stacked on stage and achieving a good coverage.

Lennart Wenzel, senior project leader at PM Blue: “Especially at this concert of Naturally 7 where the voices were the main focus, it was important to create a natural sound. It worked pretty well, as always with Alcons.”

“Furthermore, the characteristics of Alcons Audio are the best for jazz and classic concerts. The bright and differentiated sound pattern of the speakers are perfect to transport the sound as natural as possible. Especially at this concert of Naturally 7 where the voices were the main focus, it was important to create a natural sound. And it worked pretty well, as always with Alcons.”

PM Blue and Alcons

PM Blue is the event technology branch of the PM Group and works already 15 years with Alcons systems as one of the members of the world wide Ribbon Network.

The Naturally 7 tour in Europe will visit more cities in Germany and Denmark this year.

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