Party Perfection: Waveworks Expands Alcons Inventory

Party Perfection: Waveworks Expands Alcons Inventory

May, 2022
Waveworks - Alcons Audio -Sunset Picknic

Alcons RR12 at Sunset Picknic.

Based in Oakland, California, Waveworks AV, Inc, has built a reputation for delivering exceptional sound to parties and DJ events, as well as the sale, design and installation of a wide range of installed audio systems. The company’s latest purchase of Alcons pro-ribbon loudspeakers has allowed them to bring great quality sound to even more gatherings.
Waveworks owner Brad Katz invested in his first Alcons Audio system two years ago, based on the Alcons RR12 point-source array module and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers. He deploys these with his own custom dual 15-inch and horn loaded subwoofers. Recently he invested in more RR12s and Sentinel10s, which were quickly put to work.

Alcons at BOC.

Alcons RR12 at BOC.

The RR12 system features Alcons’ proprietary RBN602rs 6” pro-ribbon driver and custom-designed 12” woofer with 4” voice coil; while both transducers have Neodymium motor structures, the RR12 has a very high performance-to-weight ratio. The unique dispersion properties of the pro-ribbon show itself in the razor-sharp horizontal coverage, with which tight-pack arrays can be made with increments of 30-degrees. The asymmetric vertical dispersion of +20-degrees -40-degress caters for a differentiated throw projection from the dual-exit pro-ribbon. 

“RR12s are the perfect top box for our custom dance stacks, a combination which is gaining a lot of attention,” he says. “People really love the detail without distortion, they can have a great time dancing and talking without earplugs or ear fatigue.”

Setting up gear at Bridge Yard

Alcons RR12 at Bridge Yard Show

Brad’s systems played a starring role seeing in 2020 at the It’s A New Day / Breakfast of Champions event in San Francisco. With 96 acts performing across nine stages, it was claimed to be the biggest New Year’s Day block party in the USA.

“We had systems on two stages,” he says. “The Alcons RR12s featured on the BOC Space Cowboys stage, where we ran stereo stacks of three RR12 on top of our new custom ‘ultra’ subs in the front and, two rear corner stacks with two RR12 on top of BassMaxx subs for a four-corner dancefloor.”

Earlier in the year Brad used the RR12s at The Bridge Yard, a new indoor venue in Oakland, converted from a maintenance facility for the San Francisco Bay Area’s street cars. Here 2400 revellers at performances by South African DJ/producer Black Coffee and Detroit’s Moodymann enjoyed the sound of 12 RR12s, which helped to cover a dancefloor that’s almost 200ft (61m) from front to back.



Brad Katz, Owner Waveworks AV “People really love the detail without distortion; dancing and talking without earplugs or ear fatigue.”

Waveworks’ systems were also deployed at the Sunset Sound System Picnic in Lagoon Park, at San Raphael’s Marin Civic Center. “At this event the 2000-strong audience area was very wide and very deep. Part of the goal was to allow people to socially distance but still enjoy great coverage, so we used eight RR12 on top of four custom midbass and ten BassMaxx subs to cover the area,” says Brad.

Carl Cox and Brad Katz

Carl Cox and Brad Katz

“I love the RR12s because they are easy to scale for any event or system configuration. You can do a lot without many boxes, and you get to play with room curves instead of hacking away trying to get it right,” he continues. “Alcons is a new kid on the block in dance events in the USA and the string of large clubs in China and Europe that are demanding Alcons, is indeed proof of the expansion of pro-ribbon tech in the dance scene. I believe in the product and the people behind it. After all the systems I’ve heard, I have zero regrets about choosing Alcons for my ‘A’ rig.”

For more info: Waveworks and Bridge Yard / Carl Cox

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