Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience @ InfoComm 2023!

Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience @ InfoComm 2023!

July, 2023
InfoComm 2023 Groupshot!

From left to right: Martin Reeves, Robert Scovill, Pauline Ortiz Y Pino, Hugo Larin, David Rahn, Tom Back

“This years InfoComm was a huge success for Alcons Audio. Having sat out the InfoComm demo room experience for a number of years due to Covid it was great to get back to a sense of normal marketing and show activities.”

“The demo room highlighted Alcons superior technical capabilities ranging from studio/post production all the way to large scale touring productions. Our demo room partnerships this year added a lot of value and drove new clients to the booth to experience the difference ProRibbon technology makes.

Having Robert Scovill on hand for all of our demos and talking about his use of Alcons systems and defining them as his reference, provided a new level of validation and helped drive new interest from the touring and live events production community. Additionally our partnership with Flux Immersive also highlighted the flexibility and performance of Pro-Ribbon based solutions in the immersive systems categories. All in all I couldn’t be happier with what was achieved and the new interest and appreciation the market is showing for Alcons Audio.” – David Rahn, North American Sales Manager.

The components of the InfoComm 2023 Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience were:

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