Seamless Bubble Of Sound In TV Room Minneapolis, USA

Seamless Bubble Of Sound In TV Room Minneapolis, USA

August, 2022
Home Cinema with Alcons in Minneapolis

Home Cinema experience in TV room with Alcons in Minneapolis, USA

Build a home cinema or convert his family’s television room into the best cinema experience it could be? This was the choice faced by Madhu Kannapiran in Minneapolis, MN. Today Madhu is thrilled by the transformation of the TV room with premium Alcons pro-ribbon reference monitors. The Alcons system gives him the superb audio experience he always wanted for movie nights with family and friends.

Madhu’s journey to becoming an AV enthusiast started when he discovered the online AVS Forum in 2010. Having read many stories of people who built home cinemas, he set out to build his own dream room. But he quickly realized a dedicated cinema room was not the best way to utilize the space for his family, because it would not get much use. The only television in the house was in the TV room, which also functioned as a playroom for his children.

“I thought my resources would be put to better use by making our TV room into the best cinema experience it could be. If I was going to spend a lot of money on home theater components, I felt I should spend it on a space that gets daily use,” he says.

Looking for perfection

Madhu’s goal was to make this space into the best possible combination of form and function. To achieve this, he researched a wide range of speaker brands. It was a post by fellow AVS Forum member Mani Chandra, describing his experience switching to Alcons, that convinced Madhu this was the way forward.

“When reading about them, Alcons seemed to tick all the boxes. Chief among them was the wide dispersion of the 9040 waveguide and the 1:15 dynamic range, which would deliver excellent dialogue clarity, seat coverage and performance at low/moderate volumes,” says Madhu. “My main concern was that I had never seen how these speakers would work in a living room setting. But, after extensive research, I decided it was worth the risk and ordered them sight unseen.”

“When reading about them on the online AVS Forum, Alcons seemed to tick all the boxes. After extensive research, I ordered them sight unseen,” Madhu, user Alcons Home Cinema products.

Madhu purchased his Alcons system through Florida-based Peter Montoulieu, proprietor of high-end home cinema company Cineramax. A self-styled ‘top cinema guru’, Peter has specified Alcons pro-ribbon solutions in a number of the home cinema systems he designs and installs, specifying that each new one has to surpass the performance of those commissioned before.

TV room converted into the best cinema experience

The TV room is converted into the best cinema experience

Peter supplied a system comprising two CRMS mkII three-way cinema reference monitor systems – each featuring a 15” woofer, 8” midrange and the multiple-patented RBN401 pro-ribbon driver – for the left and right main channels. Three CRMS SRHV9040 compact horizontal/vertical reference surround are used for the center, left surround and right surround channels. These feature the same 8” midrange and RBN401 pro-ribbon drivers, guaranteeing a perfect blend between the main and surround systems. The RBN401’s patented 90º constant horizontal dispersion, up to the highest frequencies, ensures a consistent sound experience throughout the room.

Two Sentinel3 four channel amplified loudspeaker controllers power the system, featuring onboard DSP for speaker processing, with VHIR™ processing for a flat phase response. The Sentinel3 also features Signal Integrity Sensing (SIS)™ circuitry, which dynamically compensates for the speaker cables, delivering a tight, accurate low frequency response.

The system also features a Trinnov Altitude 16 surround processor, 24” subwoofer from Deep Sea Sounds, JBL SCL-8 ceiling speakers and an 82” Sony A90J OLED screen. Madhu installed the system himself and, whether streaming movies, watching a reference quality Blu-Ray disk or using the system for video games, he says the experience is superb.

Sounds wise – phenomenal

“Sound-wise it’s phenomenal,” he says. “With the expanding prevalence of object-based sound formats, zooms, pans and directional sounds are rendered perfectly. Having the four-inch pro-ribbon drivers all round means you really get a seamless bubble of sound.

“My family reaches for the master volume less often, which to me is a sign that my goal of exceptional low volume performance and dialogue clarity have been reached. Of course, when we do raise the volume, the Alcons system excels there as well.”

He concludes, “Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and effort it took to install the Alcons pro-ribbon system. It was something of a leap of faith, but I’m very pleased I took it.”

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