Pro-Ribbons Take Vienna’s The Loft To Next Level

Pro-Ribbons Take Vienna’s The Loft To Next Level

June, 2022
Alcons VR12 at Wohnzimmer The Loft©MilaZytka

Alcons VR12 at Wohnzimmer The Loft©MilaZytka

The Loft is a nightclub in the Austrian capital Vienna with a diverse program of events, from Latino nights to pop parties, poetry slams to techno nights and everything in between. The club prides itself on delivering the best sound, so a recent major upgrade has seen Alcons pro-ribbon speakers chosen to deliver the best quality mid-highs.

For its tenth anniversary, its owners celebrated by investing in new sound systems for two of its three floors. For the main floor, sound partner Pro Performance built a bespoke horizontal bass array of 24 x 15” speakers. Four VR12/90 12” mid-size versatile monitors were added to deliver the purest, most powerful mid-high frequencies. In the smaller ‘Wohnzimmer’ (living room), a compact 6 x 15” bass array was installed, together with two more VR12/90s.

Featuring the patented RBN601 pro-ribbon driver, the two-way, multipurpose VR12 is ideal for applications where high output, high quality reinforcement is needed. With 1000w peak power handling, its 1:16 dynamic range delivers up to 90% less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz.
At the same time, the monitoring for the club was completely replaced with a total of 10 VR5 5” mini versatile monitors. 13 Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers were installed to power the Alcons units.

“We did a speaker shootout and were not surprised when Alcons came out on top,” Pro Performance proprietor Wolfgang Sauter

“We have fitted out a number of locations in Vienna with Alcons pro-ribbon speakers,” says Pro Performance proprietor Wolfgang Sauter. “When The Loft approached us about the system upgrade, we did a speaker shootout with them and were not surprised when Alcons came out on top. The VR series was their clear choice.”
He continues, “The main floor is 25m long but only 2.5m high. With a horizontal dispersion of 90 degrees, the VR12/90 was perfectly suited to the essential role of delivering powerful and very precise sound across the room. Although smaller, the Wohnzimmer has a similar geometrical design, so VR12s were again the best solution.”

One reference, one experience

Another very important quality of the V-series is that it is suitable for both live and club sound. Thanks to its varied program, the Loft wanted monitors for DJs and performers which could be easily moved, but reproduce all styles of music and speech with power and accuracy. This made the VR5 the perfect choice.

Alcons VR12 at The Loft©MilaZytka

Alcons VR12 at The Loft©MilaZytka

“There are often concurrent events taking place, so it was important to have a flexible and compact monitoring solution which is suitable for every program,” adds Wolfgang.
“We are very happy with our Alcons pro-ribbon speakers,” says The Loft’s sound technician Tommy Hofstätter. “The VR5’s are compact and portable and all the VR speakers are very loud, top quality units. We have been consistently improving our audio setup over the last few years and pride ourselves on having a strong reputation for cutting-edge sound experiences.”

Club owner Mike Tscholl adds: “When we listened to the different speakers [in the shootout], Alcons Audio was the obvious choice. The VR12s are perfect as top speakers and the VR5s are very popular with both live musicians and DJs.”

For more info: Pro Performance and The Loft

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