The new Boulevard can be heard through Alcons

The new Boulevard can be heard through Alcons

March, 2015

After the operator of the Dresden theater Wechselbad der Gefühle (“rollercoaster ofemotions”) ceased operations in May 2014, TW.O GmbH, the agency specialized in theater, culture and live marketing from the German Saxon capital, took over the business of the since then known as “Boulevard Theatre Dresden”. After a four-month renovation, operations in the listed building started again in September 2014.

In addition to the complete redesign of the auditorium, there were also heavy investments in the modernization of the stage and the entire theater technology. Dutch manufacturer Alcons Audio could convince with its pro-ribbon solutions for theater sound reinforcement.

“After many advisory discussions with sound engineers and other competent professionals, we organized test setups with different systems. The impressive performance of the Alcons systems and the professionalism of the Event-net GmbH made it an easy decision”, said Dan Becker, one of the directors of TW.O GmbH.

As a result, Event-Net GmbH from Halle (Saale) installed in August 2014, in the 500-seat large room of the theater two arrays of 6x LR7 micro-pro-ribbon line-array, each consisting of three 90° and three 120° systems. As a low frequency support, two 15” subwoofers BF151 were used. All systems are driven by two ALC Sentinel3 4-channel Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers.

For in-fill and / or monitor application, TS3 systems are also available. All Alcons systems are characterized by uncompressed, high-output and uncolored reproduction; At the same offering an extraordinary speech intelligibility, precise pattern control and throw. These properties convinced Dresdner theater makers Olaf Becker and Marten Ernst of the operating company TW.O.

Consequently, the sound of the large room was completed in February 2015 with an LR7 center cluster and also in the future, for the small room and mobile outdoor theater operations, Alcons systems will be purchased.

Kay Schöttner, managing director of technical service event-Net GmbH, is confident: “With the Alcons system we have used the right professional tool at the right place.”

As the name Boulevard theater suggests already, the Dresdner bring an extremely versatile offering to the stage; Of course this brings special demands on the sound reinforcement. Olaf Becker explains: “Since our program is very varied and diverse with spoken theater, musicals, concerts and singing, it was necessary and important to find a system that could handle this wide variety of applications, without any weaknesses. With the Alcons systems we can experience this quality every day now and please our visitors. Personally, I appreciate the unobtrusive design and thereby unexpectedly powerful performance. The speech intelligibility is excellent, beautifully “in the face” and with ample reserves. Also the visiting artists notice the quality of the sound; Recently the well-known jazz singer Curtis Stigers stated: ‘Nice theater and excellent sound.’ ”

Equipped with modern theater technology and fresh artistic ideas, the Boulevard Theatre has put itself on Dresden’s theater map. In addition to annual new performances, also some Dresdner classics come on stage; Guest performances by local, national and international artists complement the schedule. The theater is open all year.

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