LR24 - mid-size line-array module

Product description


The LR24 mid-size pro-ribbon line array fills the gap between the LR18 (compact mid-size) and LR28 (large format) systems, delivering Alcons signature high fidelity pro-ribbon sound at very high SPL from an efficient and compact package. The fully-symmetrical, bi-amped, three-way system will feature double 12” for LF, double 6.5”  for MF and a large-format RBN pro-ribbon driver for HF.

As with the larger and smaller siblings within the L-series, the LR24 will set the benchmark in its category for output, lobe-free HF wavefront with laser-accurate projection and superb throw.

At the moment, the development phase is finalized and the R&D team is working hard to get this system on the road as soon as possible; More info will be released during the progress in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

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