BRKRR12HOR - U-bracket for a RR12, in horizontal position

Product description

The BRKRR12HOR is a bracket for mounting a single RR12 point-source module in horizontal position. The bracket is connected to the cabinet with four M8 knob bolts and is + 20° / – 20° adjustable.

The bracket can be ceiling mounted through two 8mm/0.3-in holes; The bracket can be fitted with an optional truss clamp, TV-spigot or STMT stand-mount adapter, with M10 (2) or M12 (1) bolt/nut connection. More information in Rigging manual.

The BRKRR12HOR is certified for a safety-rating of 10:1, for one cabinet RR12 and has a weight of 7,6 kg / 16.8 lb.

L: 30 cm / 11.8 in
W: 79 cm / 31.1 in
H: 29,5 cm / 11.6 in

Weight 7,6 kg / 16,8 lb

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