GRDRR12HOR - grid for 2 units RR12 in horizontal array

Product description

The GRDRR12HOR is a grid for two RR12 point-source modules in horizontal array. The grid is connected to the cabinet with four threaded knobs to the top of the cabinet. It is also possible to mount the GRDRR12HOR on two cabinets combined (two threaded knobs on each cabinet).

The grid features 14mm/0,55-in holes, facilitating a 0,75T shackle (up to 1,5T).

Please refer to the RR12 user’s manual for rigging instructions.
The GRDRR12HOR is certified for a safety-rating of 10:1, for three (3) cabinets RR12 and has a weight of 2,2 kg / 4.9 lb.

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