RR12HSTBR - Spreader bar for flying RR12 array

Product description

The RR12HSTBR is a spreading hoist bar for flying horizontal arrays of RR12. The bar is connected to 2 GRDRR12HOR grids with shackles, with a total maximum of 5 RR12 cabinets.
The bar features 2x 13 holes of 14mm/0,55-in, to facilitate 0,75T shackles (up to 1,5T); On top it has a 17mm/0,67-in hoist-eye, to facilitate a 1,5T shackle (up to 2T). Please refer to the RR12 user’s manual for rigging instructions.
The RR12HSTBR is certified for a safety-rating of 10:1, for five (5) cabinets RR12 and has a weight of 2,7 kg / 6.0 lb.

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